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About Us

The ‘Stories of Environmental Justice’ project is led by photojournalist Harmit Kambo. This website has been put together to support grassroots movement So We Stand to connect with policymakers and communities affected by environmental injustice across the UK. The project team comprises of:

Harmit Kambo (Photojournalist)

Harmit is a London-based photojournalist, whose work aims to contribute to social justice movements.

His background is in the charity sector – in frontline services, communications, campaigining and lobbying. Harmit uses photojournalism as part of a process of achieving justice for marginalised, disposessed and exploited communities.

Dan Glass (Activist)

Dan organises with grassroots movement ‘So We Stand’, bringing together anti-racism, anti-poverty and anti-climate change struggles to take united action.

Dan has spent the past five years in inner-city community and youth organising in Glasgow, Manchester and London. During this time he has worked with communities of colour that are disproportionately affected by polluting industries.

Rebecca Nada-Rajah (Researcher)

Rebecca holds an MSc in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh. She is also an activist and playwright currently residing in Edinburgh.

Her first play, ‘The Constant k Determines the Ultimate Fate of the Universe’, premiered at the Pearl Company Theatre in Hamilton, Canada in June 2008. Her most recent work, ‘The Goats’, deals with science, spirit and land. She is the Director of the Free University of the Arts Edinburgh.