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Buffer zone


Planning regulations in both Wales and Scotland prevent opencast coal mining taking place within a 500 metre buffer zone of local communities. England currently does not have any such regulations.

Despite the legislation (known as the MTAN2 – Technical Advice Note for Coal), the Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine was given planning permission to mine less than 40 metres away from some people’s homes. The plans were justified under clauses in Section 49 of MTAN2. The ‘Residents Against Ffos-y-fran group argue that this clause, in effect, acts as a loophole to disregard the implementation of a buffer zone.

Terry and Pam’s home is the closest to the opencast coal mine, just 37 metres away:

‘Composite’ image of the edge of the opencast mine from the road (NB this is not the view from Terry and Pam’s home)