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Investing in community


Grangemouth and the BP-owned refinery grew together over the 20th century. The company owned most of the petrochemical plant in the town. BP was considered to be a very responsible employer by the local community. It invested heavily in the community, including buildingĀ  ‘BP houses’ for the workers and their families, and providing a range of other services and support.

However, BP has gradually divested its interests in Grangemouth and now the petrochemical plant has been hived off, so that there are now numerous companies that operate there. Few in the Grangemouth community could name more than two or three of the companies there. As the number of companies has increased, the social investment in the town has ebbed away. There is now no bond of trust between the industry and the town.

Moira grew up in Grangemouth, at a time when BP used to own most of the petrochemical complex. The company built ‘BP houses’ for the workers (below left) and provided a range of other support to the community.