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Transition Heathrow


The Transition Heathrow project aims to promote grassroots solutions to the impacts of climate change. It is working with the the local community around Heathrow Airport to devise ‘bottom-up’ change, rather than “suffering the consequences of the profit-driven decisions imposed by corporate government elites”. The movement hopes to bring together “the democratic innovation of the Transition Town network with the workplace militancy of the labour movement and the self-defence of environmental direct activism”.

In 2008 Greenpeace and local environmental groups mobilised 91,000 local residents to join together to purchase a piece of land that stood in the way of the proposed Third Runway. As the Government would have had to consult every single land owner before compulsory purchasing it, the so-called ‘Airplot’ placed a major obstacle in the plans. It was a tenacious piece of peaceful community resistance.

The Transition Heathrow site is on a nearby piece of derelict land, and continues to support the local community to resist any further expansion plans by Heathrow Airport. The project is currently facing eviction by the owners of the land. Local Sipson residents, who were supported by Transition Heathrow in the anti-Third Runway Campaign, are now supporting the Transition Heathrow community to fight the eviction order.