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Historically, the petrochemical industry in Grangemouth has been a major source of employment for the local community. But with increasing automation, mechanisation, efficiencies and specialisation the number of jobs for locals has dwindled.

In 2009, according to Cathy Peattie MSP, the employment opportunities in the Falkirk area were almost half the Scottish average, with 17 people chasing every job vacancy.

Employment is the key incentive for communities when considering the spectre of heavy, polluting industry on their doorstep. But what happens when the jobs are no longer there, but the industry still is?

Dougal (right) used to work on the docks before the shipbuilding industry declined. He was glad to be able to get work at the refinery. But he has now been unemployed for a number of years, as more itinerant workers, prepared to work much longer hours, come in from the North of England.